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NQL MAC S19 Matchy Match 21 Nov 1200x600

This is your chance to play word association with Sam & Kaley!

5 words will be thrown your way. Your job is to say the first word that comes to mind each time. It’s then over to Sam or Kaley who’ll be given the same set of words, without knowing beforehand what they are.

If all 5 words match, you’ll score yourself the cash jackpot! If not, you’ll still score yourself a scratchie for every matching word.

Tune into Sam & Rach with Kaley weekday mornings to play!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current events, some prizes/giveaways may not be issued or be able to be claimed as a result of circumstances outside of our control. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and will do our best to honour prizes/giveaways where viable however no alternatives or compensation can be offered at this time.