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Top 5 work Perks Australian’s Want In 2020

When it comes to a gig, Aussies want two things a good salary and perks.  According to Seek work perks play an important part in where we want to work. So what perks are we wanting in 2020? Here’s the top 5
1.      Flexible Working Hours
A flexible schedule allows an employee to work hours that differ from the normal company start and stop time. I’m lucky here, my boss allows me to knock off at 4pm, which gives me an extra hour before my son gets home to knock out some chores or get ahead of my side hustles.
2.      Time in Lieu
This is paid time off work an employee gets for having worked additional hours. Lieu means “instead”. So, if an employee takes time in lieu, they take extra time off work instead of being paid overtime.
3.      Working from home
Self-explanatory, but not as cool as you’d imagine it to be. Aside from turning your sanctuary into a workspace, you miss that community feel you get at work, plus motivation and lack off office infrastructure can be a setback.
4.      Health Insurance
Of course! Free dental and fancy new frames for glasses every year won’t go astray!
5.      Upskilling
No wants to feel stuck in a dead-end job with no opportunities for growth.  Upskilling is the process of teaching new skills as technology affords new opportunities and new jobs which require specialized skillsets by upskilling the organization fills vacancies from their current workforce while creating development opportunities.
How does your workplace stack up when it comes to perks?