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McDonald’s Releases $100K Golden Shake

Love Maccas? Who doesn't? Maybe you've had a particularly good pay week... well time to blow it on a $100 grand milkshake.



Photo: McDonald's


At nearly $100,000 USD, the Golden Shamrock Shake took a team of experienced jewellers 140 hours to craft. The deluxe handmade goblet is made from 18K gold and highlighted with a whole bunch of jewels. The 50 emeralds and white diamonds represent the colour of the beverage with the 50 yellow diamonds celebrating the milkshake’s 50 years of being on the menu at McDonald’s.




Photo: McDonald's

Now it’s not as easy as hitting up the drive-through to get this bad boy, but you can place a bid on the Ronald McDonald House Charities eBay for Charity page to take it home.

 With an opening bid of just $1 USD, with all proceeds going to support Ronald McDonald House Charities. As of publishing, there have been 51 bids with the total sitting at $25K