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Aussies Set To Have $85 Broadband Tax By July



The Federal Government’s proposed broadband tax on non-NBN operated fixed-line services looks set to begin on 1 July 2020 after the Senate committee examining the bill recommended it pass through parliament.

If you missed it, late last year the Aussie government has announced that they plan to tax you $85 if you’re not on the NBN, as a means of funding NBN costs. 

It’s expected businesses or homes not using the service will be charged with a monthly payment of $7.10, with the option to even tax people that use mobile devices too. 


It wasn't enough to have to fork over billions of our hard-earned tax dollars to build the NBN, but now anyone who doesn't use it has to pay to maintain it.

Those earnings would then be used to fund the future expenses of the NBN, and reduce the dependence on our federal budget to prop it up.  

This, as you can imagine, has annoyed a lot of Australians. Including those wanting to step away from the NBN and use wireless connections like 4G and 5G.