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How four strangers helped to keep an Airlie Beach restaurant open


Airlie Beach business owner Kevin Collins thought it had been the "Mojitos taking" when four holiday-makers told him they'd work for free to keep his restaurant open.

Like many across the state, Mr Collins' Fish D'vine has been suffering with staff shortages due to the rise in Covid cases and their impacts.

Serving the table last week - which included an ICU nurse, a builder, a V8 Supercar driver and a chef - Mr Collins mentioned he would have to close his business due to the lack of staff.

The guests told him they would work for free - and when Mr Collins called the group the next day, to his surprise, they worked a shift.

"It was comradery around the restaurant between tables, with the staff, with these four young kids and it ended up being just the funnest night I've worked in years," Mr Collins says.

Down to one floor staff, two behind the bar and three chefs, the team of strangers helped to serve 180 guests.

Mr Collins says the small act of kindness has helped spread hope across the hospitality industry.

"When I told a few of the team last night about the offer they thought I was nuts, now they realise service is about attitude just as much as skills."

[Image: Facebook]