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Severe weather prompts calls for Mackay locals to be prepared


Wild weather has ripped through parts of Mackay, with Emergency crews responding to reports of fallen trees and powerlines.

A severe storm warning was issued for the region yesterday afternoon, with a wind gust of 87km/hr recorded at Mackay Airport.

Rain also drenched the airport, with 64 millimetres recorded by the Bureau from 9am yesterday to 5am this morning.

Meteorologist Lauren Pattie says a super cell hit the region around 6:30pm.

One local took to Facebook to alert others about a fallen tree along Shakespeare St in Mackay's CBD around 7:30pm.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads also issued a hazard alert regarding a fallen tree at Alligator Creek.

"There is still a little bit of the remnants of that system sitting just along the coastal fringe at the moment, there is still a risk of seeing some storms about - particularly this morning expect to see a little bit of activity sticking around," Ms Pattie says.

More wet weather to come


The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a medium to high chance of showers across Mackay for the rest of the week.

Chances of thunderstorms are also predicted throughout the rest of the week.

Queensland's SES crews are urging locals to be prepared for the increase of severe weather, after the bureau predicted a 66 per cent chance of a higher-than-average number of cyclones and rainfall along the coast this summer.

SES Regional Manager Angela Everist says in the first two weeks of November, the service has already received more than 90 requests relating to flooding, home damage and fallen trees.

"We can be expecting a wetter-than-normal summer season which means that we really want people to start having a think about being prepared, if they haven't already - make sure that their homes and their families are prepared for storm season," Ms Everist says.

"What would you do if you were isolated because of storms, or a flood or a cyclone event? That means having a chat with your family members so that everyone knows exactly what you would do, is there somewhere you'll go and stay if your home is damaged?"