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Thousands across Mackay left without power after hail storms rip through the city


Thousands of homes are in the dark, with Ergon Energy battling multiple outages due to severe thunderstorm activity this afternoon.

A spokesperson says close to 6,500 homes throughout Kuttabul, Mackay, Rural View and Andergrove have been left without power.

"Our crews are ready to go, we're just waiting for the lightning to pass for it to be safe," the Ergon Energy spokesperson says.

"We're aiming to get this fixed as soon as possible."

Ergon Energy's outage finder says the loss of supply is due to "damage requiring emergency repairs. Fault finding is in progress."

Students kept at school

Multiple schools across the region have decided to keep students at school while the hailstorm passes.

A text message from Emmanuel Catholic Primary School reads, "ALL students will remain in classrooms until the storm has abated and it is safe for students to leave school grounds."