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Emergency plan means Mackay's vulnerable are better looked after in the face of disaster


One hundred disability service providers in the Mackay community are now trained in personalised emergency management.

It means Mackay locals with disability will now be better prepared this coming cyclone and bushfire seasons.

Council has been recognised at the "Get Ready Queensland" awards, crowned the joint winner of the Local Government category for its person-centred emergency preparedness approach (P-CEP).

Mackay is the first community to widely distribute the P-CEP workbook- 4,000 have been handed out to help people with disability create tailored emergency plans.

Mayor Greg Williamson says research demonstrates people with a disability are two to four times more likely to die or be injured in a disaster.

"We're talking about people who have life support machines of any kind," he explains.

"A state emergency service person knocks on their front door ... there is a plan in the household for that person with a disability to be able to get out."

The local providers now trained in the P-CEP approach include disability, community, health, aged care, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Australian South Sea Islander organisations, and domestic violence services.

Mr Williamson says council staff have also been trained, enforcing the importance of making sure the community is ready-to-go.

"You've got to take these pills, and they're situated in the cupboard above the sink - that's the sort of granular detail it [the plan] goes into.

"So, if someone comes to your door to evacuate you can look at this plan and say, okay we need to take these things as well as getting the person out."

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