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Shocking video shows Mackay man abusing dog for digging holes


A disturbing video of a Mackay man hitting, kicking and spitting on a pet dog in a "punishment pen" has emerged.

The video, filmed by a neighbour, zooms in on Tyler Jay Halliday as he threatens the dog - named Sprocket - with a fist.

The then 21-year-old can be seen kicking Sprocket in his face as he cowers and curls up in the corner of the cage.

Halliday then strikes Sprocket in the face, before spitting at him.

The video had been used as evidence in the Mackay Magistrates Court in April this year, where Halliday pleaded guilty and was banned from owning any animals for the maximum five years.

When an RSPCA Inspector visited the home in Blacks Beach on the day of the incident in April last year, they heard Halliday had been angry at his partner's dog for digging holes in the backyard.

He told the Inspector he "would smack him [Sprocket] on the nose if he dug a hole, but not flog the absolute sh*t out of him as people keep saying".

Sprocket was seized by the RSPCA and taken to a vet.

He was returned to Halliday's partner after she informed the Inspector the pair had broken up and were no longer living together.

In an interview with the RSPCA Inspector a week later, Halliday said "he should never have done it in the first place" and Sprocket "should not have gone through that".

As well as being banned from owning any animals, Halliday was also ordered to complete 100 hours of community service and slapped with fines close to $1,800.