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New idea to reward pet owners


A doggy pension has been tabled at Councils meeting this week. 
The idea is to make dog registration free for those who have older pet's and have been paying their fees for a period of time. 
Mackay Councillor Marty Bella proposed this idea after hearing about the tragic death of a 41-year-old woman who was kill by three unregistered dogs in Maryborough. 
He says we need to incentives pet registration so more people do it.
"So you look at it you have a dog that is eight or ten years-old that's been registered for that period those people have contributes and those older dogs aren't going to be a problem for us so we keep them registered but that registration is free,"  Cr Bella says.
"Hearing what happened to that lady it sickened me to the guts.

""We will see down the track, it's not something we can do leading up to this budget but I think it's time we started rewarding people who do the right thing."