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Severe storms could dump heavy rain, hail across QLD


We could see up to 60 millimetres of rain dumped across North Queensland today, if predicted thunderstorms blow through the region.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts possible wild weather up and down the east coast of Queensland, and further inland across the south-east, today and tomorrow.

Meteorologist Peter Markwork says a combination of conditions is causing instability in the atmosphere.

"Above average temperatures at the moment, we're looking at cooler mid-levels, we have an upper trough which is moving across our region and two surface troughs that are also assisting to almost trigger those thunderstorms," Mr Markworth says.

Mackay is in for some showers from late Tuesday morning, and we could see a downpour or two as well.

"Five to 20mm generally across most of the eastern districts, particularly inland, but underneath those bigger storms there is the risk or the potential to see rainfall up around 50mm or even up to 60mm."

Mr Markwork says there is the potential for some of the the storms that blow through to be severe, although the brunt of the activity is expected to be focused around the south east.

"That includes large hail, heavy rainfall and damaging winds, in the worst situation.

"The hail is much more likely further south where it's a bit cooler."