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Parents and teachers invited to give feedback on school curriculum changes


Proposed changes to the national school curriculum are now open for public comment, with Mackay parents and teachers invited to have their say.

The changes would see a 20 per cent reduction in workload, with more focus on literacy and numeracy in primary school.

There would also be a reduction in the number of humanities subjects taught in high school, with priority on both World Wars, Australian Government, and the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) CEO David de Carvalho says teachers across the country have raised concerns that the current curriculum has been very difficult to navigate.

“We do not want teachers to have to spend excessive time interpreting the curriculum,” Mr de Carvalho says.

"The revisions remove the guesswork and provide clearer expectations as to the essential content we want all students to learn.”

But Queensland Teachers Union President Cresta Richardon is concerned the changes will not do enough to overhaul the systems.

"Moving things around into different areas doesn't necessarily mean the curriculum has been de-cluttered," Ms Richardon says.

"It's really up to the practitioners to get in there, look at what they're doing now, and look at the impact of what changes might have on the way that they currently pitch and learn, within the cycle for themselves, and students that they teach," she says.

People can provide feedback on the changes until July 8 via