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This guy may have the best mullet in the country!


Plenty of things from the 80’s and early 90’s has made their way back into vogue in the last five years.

Neon clothes, fanny packs, lots of accessories… I’m happy that’s all come back.

The one trend that I didn’t think would come back though from that time period? The Mullet.

Yep, the long flowing locks combined with short top and sides on the gentlemen is making a comeback, and we saw an absolute beauty last night on the federal election campaign trail.

Whilst down in Launceston, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was photographed with the most glorious mullet I’ve seen in the last few months, the hair at the back down to his armpits!

The man, who is known to his footy mates as J-Rod, will now go down in infamy as the bloke with the best mullet in the country.

But maybe someone from here could take his title!

Show us your mullet at our facebook page and we’ll let the people decide!