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Feb Fit


2 in 3 Queenslanders are overweight or obese.

It's a startling statistic and one which will affect us all.

In February 2020, we set a goal for our local communities to join together to walk around the globe - 40,000 kilometres = 50 million steps! We smashed that goal and did more than 5 laps!!

Let's double it in February 2021! Join the Movement!

It’s quick, easy and free to create an account to keep track of your steps and contribute to our total.

Create a team of workmates, school friends, clubbies, friends or family and encourage one another to get moving - live well, live longer.

In February we'll share health and fitness tips to give you ideas and keep you motivated. We'll publish a collection of healthy recipes and our Feb Fit calendar of local events will help you get active with other challengers. Looking at hosting an event, tell us all about it here!

Feb Fit means health, wellbeing and discovering the best you!

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