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Forgotten Shoes

This morning was a bit of a mad rush, we have a new puppy who is very cute (and hard to leave when it's time for work) and it's a bloody hot day too.

So I was hurrying around the house, finding clothes and trying not to ruin my makeup with a cascade of sweat running down my face. When it was time to leave, I grabbed my hand bag, phone and bottle of water and sped (following the speed limit, of course) to work. 

When I pulled up outside the radio station, I noticed that I'd forgotten something shoes! Gah! 

What do you do? I cant go home- I live 20 mins away...Perhaps make the dash across the road and into the building? But then what- hide at my desk barefoot all day?

THANKFULLY I remembered a pair of thongs I'd thrown into the boot over the weekend. Thank. God. There's an important lesson for today- always keep a spare pair of thongs in the boot....Oh yeah,and maybe wake up 10 mins earlier? Haha.

Have a great Monday!