Don't buy out bread and milk, please.

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There seems to be a lot of talk of "maybe a cyclone coming this week.."

Don't be fooled. The info from the BOM has:

At 12pm EST Monday, a tropical low was located south of the Solomon Islands in the northeastern Coral Sea, moving south at 20 km/h. The low is expected to adopt a more south-southwestward track during the next 24 to 36 hours, and may develop further during this period. The probability of this low developing into a tropical cyclone on Tuesday is moderate.

The system may approach the central or southern Queensland coast on Wednesday or Thursday. At this stage it is considered likely to remain offshore. Atmospheric conditions will become less favourable for a tropical cyclone, and the probability of the system becoming (or remaining) a tropical cyclone decreases to low from Wednesday.

Although the low is unlikely to be a tropical cyclone by this time, it will remain a significant system and is likely to produce large waves on exposed southern Queensland beaches late in the week.

Likelihood of a tropical cyclone in the Eastern Region on:

Don't be fooled. Please leave the bread and milk in the shops and walk away.
Although here's a tracking map that I made up to help you :-) - Rob 

Photo: BOM