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Mark is riding his bike and would like your help today


How do you think you'd go if I asked you to ride your pushbike for a while?

A few k's? You'd be OK? How about to Sarina? OK with that too?

How about riding the streets for the same amount of distance as the crews doing the Tour de France at the moment? You'd still be OK?

Well one bloke is doing it NOW.

His name is Mark Shepherd. He is a champion at helping people.

He's been doing charity work for well over 35 years and right now he's asking for your help to raise awareness for organ donation for his ride Ride to DonateLife

He's getting up super early each day and riding the streets of Newcastle all in the name of charity.

Thing is, he's not looking for money, he's raising awareness and you can help.

Please follow his journey. He wants more followers of his Facebook page Ride to DonateLife. Can you help with a follow?

Thank you.

BTW his brother John owner of JSIS Engineering North Mackay is another one of our true local heros. He's been supporting and raising money and awareness for many charities like the River to Reef, BMA Mackay Marina Run, Zonta and many more for many, many years. Let's help the Shepherd family in any way we can. Thank you.